SolarMax Inverters

SolarMax Hybrid inverter in Pakistan

We at SolarCity, provide a variety of solar inverters in Pakistan that convert direct current (DC) to alternative potential (AC) to provide you with a consistent source of power all through the day. Among all of the best solar inverters, Solarmax inverters are the best locally manufactured inverters. Solarmax inverters are best in terms of prices and built-in quality as compare to other inverters.
Solarmax hybrid inverters with voltage levels range of 3 KW to 60 KW, based on our total electrical load needs. SolarCity as an EPC have been successfully installed a lot of solar solutions on residential and business properties with inverter of Solarmax hybrid inverter, including on commercial, industrial, and agricultural facilities. SolarCity offerings include rechargeable batteries, charge controllers, inverters, solar panels, and more. Solarmax hybrid inverters has following Specs:
o Essential Factor: Sinusoidal Voltage Efficiency.
o Self-consumption and grid electricity.o For PV, battery packs, or the grids, adjustable input preference.
o Charging voltage and frequency and is user-adjustable.
o Grid-tied and off-grid are two programmable functioning configurations and standby grid-tie (Hybrid).
o Approximately 10 units can run continuously.