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SolarCity offers all-in-one solutions to your solar needs with on-demand warehousing and multi-channel fulfillment. With our warehouse located in Gajummata, Lahore. We partner with our customers to develop and grow their solar business through linking with different installers and smooth supply chain logistics. Being a pure wholesale business means we never compete with our customers by pursuing projects of any size directly. You can store your solar items and automate your fulfillment while we pick, pack and ship out orders as soon as they are placed.

• Unlimited and Scale able storage
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• Competitive Storage Rates
• No Hidden Fees or Lock in periods
• Zero Inbound costs
• Get closer to your customers
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Best Solar Company in Lahore

Increasing energy prices and the Instability of power supply is a huge problem not only in Lahore but in the whole of Pakistan. Every day increasing cost of energy in Pakistan is an issue affecting every household in Pakistan. Renewable energy has provided an alternative to Conventional Energy Sources. Solar energy is the most developed and readily available type of Renewable energy. Like many third world Countries, Pakistan has also a huge potential to generate electricity using Solar Energy System. In recent decade, numerous Solar Companies in Pakistan has emerged, providing services to consumers of energy. 

 Solar System and Solar Panels in Lahore:

Solar City is one of the Best Solar Company in Lahore that provides their customers with the best solar panels in Lahore. Here at Solar City, we have a wide range of top tier solar panels at the best price available at the market for our consumers which makes us not only the Best Solar Companies in Lahore but also one of the best Solar Companies in Pakistan and with trust and respect of our client, Solar City is ranked among top 10 solar companies in Pakistan. We at Solar City Provide you with the best Solar Panels for your that will power your daily life in the era of Energy Crisis in Pakistan. Our Best Solar Professionals provide you with the optimum solution that for your Energy problems, making life easier and simpler. Numerous Solar Companies that provides Solar System in Lahore, but the Clientele of Solar City testifies to the fact that Solar City provides them with the best Solar panels in Lahore.

Services of Solar City are not restricted to Lahore alone, but we provide services to whole Pakistan. Solar City is a Solar Energy Company that not only sells Solar Panels, but also provides the best suited energy solution for your problems. Our Professional are just a call away to help people of Pakistan by providing Best Solar Panels suited for their requirements.

There are Numerous Solar Energy companies in Pakistan providing people of Pakistan with the Solar Energy Systems and to help them get rid of Energy Crisis and Increasing electricity prices, but here at Solar City, we do not believe in selling a Solar Energy System, we believe in providing our clients with the best solution that caters to their needs.

Solar Energy System:

Solar City provides the complete solution to help people of Pakistan in getting a Solar Energy System installed. We provide the best solar panels, Inverters and a team of expert PV Installers to provide you a smooth journey of getting cleaner and greener energy. Our PV installers not only install Solar Energy System, but also educates Clients to help run their Solar Energy System in optimal conditions to get fast return out of it.

Solar City not only provides solution to urban energy crisis but to rural energy problems as well. Lack of electricity is one of the major causes of low agriculture productivity. Unstable Grid in rural areas of Pakistan is a huge problem for farmers. A fuel-based generator is very expensive to generate electricity. Solar City provides our farmers with a cheaper and more reliable alternative to conventional energy in form of Solar Energy System. Our team specializes in Installing Off Grid Energy Solution to farmers to help them in ensuring maximum productivity out of Crops.

Our Solution includes the best after sales services among solar installation companies, making us the Best solar company in Lahore to chose for Solar Energy System installation. Remote monitoring setup, monitors the productivity of every Solar Energy System installed by Solar City, to keep an eye on productivity and ensures that every system is providing optimum productivity. We provide you with two years of after-sales services to ensure the well-being of your Solar Energy System. During this two-year after-sales service period, we provide corrective as well as periodic maintenance that helps ensure maximum productivity and gets our client the most out of their system.

Our vast range of solutions includes residential, commercial, and industrial Solar Energy Systems. Our team at Solar City has researched the market to understand and requirements of each customer to provide them with the solution that is best suited to their need. This makes Solar City one stop shop for every type of solution. This has helped us maintain trust of our clients which makes us the Best Solar Company in Pakistan.

Sadly, Government processing is a difficult process in Pakistan. Getting Green Meter installed is a uphill battle for consumers, our Net Metering teams assists Clients in easing out the Net Metering process and get Green Meter Installed at their door as soon as possible.

SolarCity Best Solar Company in Pakistan 

Solar City’s clientele ranges from residential clients, Agriculture Clients, Cold Stores, Food Companies, Packaging companies, etc. This is proof that Solar City has stood the test of time and carved its name as one of the Best Solar Companies in Pakistan.