SolarMax Infini Solar 5kw

Solarmax Infini 5kw

First solar inverter of its kind in Pakistan comes from the SOLARMAX Falcon Series that is Solarmax Infini solar 5kw, ON-GRID/OFF-GRID Hybrid Inverter with Lifetime Service Warranty. Solarmax infini solar 5kw is a Three-in-one inverter that works with or without a battery, a mobile app, software monitoring and control, and energy storage (hybrid).
Now Featuring Special and Distinctive Features:

1) Output of a Pure Sine Wave
2) Up to 9 units may operate concurrently
3) Adjustable charging voltage and current.
4) Multiple operation modes that can be programmed include grid-tie, off-grid, and grid-tie with backup (Hybrid)
5) ) Programmable supply priority for solar panels, batteries, or the grid
6) Monitoring software and mobile apps (Real time status display & control)
7) Self-consumption and grid input