Huawei Inverters

Huawei Solar Inverter

Inverter is a device that is used to Convert DC power to AC power, since, Photovoltaic panel produces DC power, Inverter becomes an integral device in integrating renewable power into our existing electrical system.

Various Inverter Technologies are implemented to convert DC to AC including Central (String) Inverters, Power Optimizers and Microinverters.

Central Inverter technology is one of the oldest and most reliable option available in inverters. Although they are less efficient than other technologies, but their reliability and low cost makes it the most commonly used Inverters.

There are multiple brands in market that develop Central inverters PV panels. Each brand of Inverter has their pros and cons but Huawei inverters stand out from the other inverters.

Huawei is one of the most innovative and diverse makers in every field of technology. One can find Huawei products in every walk of life. Huawei Inverters have carved their own place in field of Renewable Solar Energy. It has revolutionized the field and proved its worth with highly advance and efficient Central Inverters. Huawei inverters have some of the best AC to DC efficiency available in market. Huawei boosts up to 98.9%-99% efficiency. Its Artificial Intelligence based technology helps inverter achieve better efficiency.

Huawei inverters have the shortest Grid Syncing time than any other inverter which helps inverter sync with the local power grid faster resulting in production of electricity sooner than any other inverter.

Huawei inverters are flexible in power grid settings, making it easy to sync with unstable grids in third world countries, like that of grids in Pakistan.
Huawei inverters are equipped with surge protection both on AC and DC side, any irregularity in grid or PV side is protected by Huawei Inverters.

Huawei inverter provides multiple MPPTs in inverters of different Power Ratings, making them useful for multiple DC power capacities.

Huawei not only provides best efficiency but it also provides the consumer with the best safety features. Biggest flaw in DC power is continuous arcing in case of any fault, that can result in fire incidents, with Huawei’s AFCI technology, inverter can detect arcing and save system from all out fire.

Huawei inverter comes with natural convection as well as fan cooling, depending upon AC power of Inverter.

Huawei inverters are one the sturdiest ones available in market. They come with IP 65 protection, making safe for installation in any type of harsh environment. They could be installed outdoors, in hot, humid or sandy environments.